20/7/17 NOTICE:
M-Trak is currently offline for 48 hours for maintenance.
Travel data is still being recorded.




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M-TRAK GPS - Fleet Management

M-Trak GPS tracking is your professional fleet managment solution.
It's more than just knowing where vehicles are or where they have been - it is a valuable tool that can offer many savings and benefits ! 

With a VT606 GPS tracker installed in your vehicle, M-TRAK allows you to monitor your vehicle(s) on-line 24/7.
You track every move. This means your whole business, not just the drivers, becomes more efficient with significant cost and time reductions.mtrakmap6
  • 24/7 on-line access to your online M-Trak GPS account - no software to download
  • LIVE VIEW: lets you see the current location of all your vehicles
  • HISTORY VIEW: Graphically draws the route taken, engine start and stop times, nearest street address etc.
  • A wide range of reports that can be printed or saved, to help analyse vehicle and staff movements
  • Text alerts programmable for alarm activation, speeding, out of area etc.
  • Your travel history retained for a minimum of 2 years
  • Useful reminders when road tax, WOF, service schedules etc are due
  • Nationwide tracker installation thru' Mongoose dealers
  • 5,000 location memory - when mobile coverage is lost - uploads when re-connected (VT606)
  • LBS location when no GPS reception (VT606)
  • Immobilise the vehicle via the tracker

The VT606 GPS tracker costs $520.00 + GST fully installed. (Website controlled + on-board location memory)
Your M-Trak subscription is $25.00 per month + GST per vehicleSubscriptions are payable annually in advance.
All Vodafone SIM data charges are included in your M-Trak subscription - NOT extra cost !

VIEW ON-SCREEN - Current location (shown upper right)
On-screen viewing is one of the great features of M-Trak.
Who is closest to that next job ?

TRAVEL HISTORY (shown right)mtrakmap3 297x263The on-screen history is the one feature that all our clients find facinating and invaluable.
Select a vehicle for any 24 hour period up to 2 years ago and M-trak shows the route driven on the map.

REPORTS - print or save

There are a variety of reports that can be produced and are flexible so can print as much or as little detail as required.
You can print directly to your own printer, or save files on your computer in PDF, Word or Excel formats.
You don't need to print very often as we keep your history for a minimum of 2 years.

Not near a computer ?
Send a location request text to the tracker - it replies with its location with nearest street address or shown on a Smartphone's own map

Why not try M-Trak yourself with our own live vehicles ? 
See how easy M-Trak is to use. 
Call us for a username and password for access to the M-Trak demo account........ 0800 80 50 80

Clich here to download an M-Trak account application form

Call us to discuss your GPS tracking needs - 0800 80 50 80