The Mongoose range of GPS trackers are probably the best value available in New Zealand. 

Included with all models is the FREE smartphone APP and website.
There are no fees or contracts - both are free to use.
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Click on the images above to see which model suits your needs.

                Smartphone/tablet APP & Website included
Click on the phone to see APP and website details   
2 Degrees PrePay 3G SIM CARD included - just add credit

                 NO FEES
                 NO SUBSCRIPTIONS
                 NO CONTRACTS 

app stores  The APP is available for your Android or IOS (Apple) APP phone. 
  Not suitable for Microsoft/Windows mobile phones.

Multiple trackers 
Great for company fleet vehicles or if you had one on your dog, on your bicycle, in your car and in the kids school bags.
We will open an 'account' so you logon to the APP and website with your own chosen secure username and password.
You then logon to your 'account' to view all your trackers - all at the same time or individually.

Are there any other costs ?
Yes, but minimal.
The trackers require a mobile SIM card, so SIM card charges will apply.
Data costs are minimal, usually only a few dollars a month
A PrePay SIM card is usually sufficient as light personal use usually only costs $1.00 to $5.00 per month....or nothing if you have a free data plan.
Higher use, such as a business car for a sales rep', is likely to use $5.00 to $10.00 per month.
With PrePay's, please should select 'auto top-up' so it never runs out of credit !

                 CALL 0800 80 50 80