How GPS tracking works;
GPS satellites are in fixed orbits above the earth and are used by GPS trackers to find their precise location within just a few metres (outdoors).satellitesml
A SIM card* is inserted into the tracker and automatically sends its location via low cost mobile data to the free website.
The mobile APP, also free, allows you to see the trackers location on your smart phone or tablet.

The website saves your trackers history with a continuous 6 months history - all at no charge !

See current live location and plot vehicle movements as they happen - replay travel history for any day of your choice - all on your own phone !
The tracker, APP and website work seamlessly together with virtually no delay in operation.
Bad weather, atmospheric conditions and cellular mobile services will have an effect on GPS accuracy and speed of reporting.
The GSM SIM card that you insert into your tracker must have text and data capability.

* Please note: The PT890 and LT2400 require a 3G 2 Degrees, Vodafone or Spark SIM card - other models require a 2G 2 Degrees GSM SIM card.

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