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Enhance your vehicle security with these add-on accessories.

Alarm sensors
Most alarm systems can be upgraded by adding different types of sensors.
Microwave:- Puts an invisible radar bubble inside and outside your car - invade the bubble and the alarm triggers.
Ultrasonics:- Fills the interior with ultra high frequency sound - any change to the interior triggers the alarm.
Glass break:- Responds to the sound of breaking glass
PIR:- The only sensor for ute canopies, vans, stationwagons, enclosed trucks and motorhomes.
Call us for advice on what may be best for you.

Alarm sirens
A range of sirens to suit all vehuicle security installations.

Alarm pagers
How often do you hear "I didn't hear it go off" ? These pagers alert you, not just when you are close by, but you could be the other side of the world !

Central locking/boot release/window lifter
Accessories to make life just that bit easier.