Wireless IR Headphones

These headphones are a perfect match for our roof mount or headrest DVD players - your passengers can listen to anything they choose whilst you drive in silence or listen to your own music.

We offer 2 models of cordless 'IR' (infra-red) stereo headphones.

  • The QHP1 are a single channel model suitable for the roof mount DVD players. rrp $99.00 each
  • The QHP2 are for the headrest DVD players as thay are dual channel headphones, 'A' or 'B', so headrests can play different movies or games. rrp $59.00 each

IR headphones are designed to be directional and will not operate over a wide area. The listener should ideally be situated directly in front of the transmitting device.
Not suitable for young children - by their nature electronic headphones have to be treated with care.
Most DVD players can be used with inexpensive corded headphones.



Wireless IR (infrared) single channel stereo headphones.




Wireless IR (infrared) dual channel stereo headphones.