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Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors - Reversing Sensors - Sonar - whatever you call them, you can't really do without them.

kill zone

The children shown in the photo are in the 'kill zone' or your 'blind spot' - you can't see them in your mirrors.

Don't risk it - we recommend the fitment of both reversing sensors and a reversing camera - now you can see and hear if there is anything behind you.

Driveway accidents seem to be in the news almost every day - if it happened to you, could you live with it ?
It doesn't bear thinking about - does it ?
Damage to your car or other property can be expensive but even worse is the injury or death of children, adults or pets.DSC00530Reversing has many hazards and these can be simply and cheaply avoided with these unobtrusive reversing sensors mounted in your bumper.
The sensors automatically turn on when you select reverse gear.
They start detecting at about 2 metres and give audible warning beeps.
The beeps get faster as you get closer to a person or obstacle and sound continuously when you are about 0.5m away telling you to stop.

Once fitted, you will wonder how you ever drove without them !

Want a good reason why you should fit reversing sensors ? - then click on this link>>> 'Kids n Cars'