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We recommend changing your remote batteries every year to ensure uninterrupted use of your vehicle security system.

NOTE: Do you know the PIN override number of your security system ? If not, you could be stranded if the remote is lost or inoperable. See your Mongoose dealer today to get the PIN number.























Remote Controls

mrc83Not sure which Mongoose alarm is fitted to your car ?

Select your model of remote control from the menu on the left.
The details also include instructions for coding the remote control to the alarm module. These details are also in the alarms owners manual.

You can download a copy of your manual from here.

PRICES - From Mongoose Direct or Dealers nationwide

Complete remote controls / transponder tags - rrp $90.00* each
Remote cases - $20.00
Batteries from $10.00
Batteries are also available from supermarkets and electronic stores - please check expiry date.

*Some alarm models may incur an additional charge for coding the new remote to the alarm system.

These remote controls are for vehicle security systems.
As  the name suggests, they provide security, so there are only 2 ways to allow you to use your vehicle;
1. With the remote control to disarm the alarm and immobiliser.
2. Using the alarms override method.
Apart from the above, there is no easy way to disable the secuity system !

Ensure your remote controls are working correctly - 2 supplied with each new security system.
Know how to use the override method for your alarm system. See the owners manual
or download it from this website.

Available from Mongoose Direct - 24 hour courier. Call us: 0800 80 50 80 to order