Easy to apply sound deadening sheets to provide the best sound proofing
for vehicles, boats, motorhomes or anywhere where noise is a problem.
It's amazing what you miss when suddenly it's not there any more - in this case it's noise !
By simply fitting Mongoose Q-Mat Sound-Shield sound deadening, you will immediately notice how noisy everything was before - and how quiet it is now.
Being a multi-layer composite, it not only reduces noise and vibration but can also isolate the heat   from the outside. 
The closing of your car door will sound like a luxury limousine with that satisfying 'thump', PLUS your car speakers suddenly sound so much better with a lower, deeper bass response. 
The Q-Mat Sound-Shield is easily cut and moulded to all the variety of shapes and self adheres to clean sheet metal and other hard surfaces.

Below we have included guides to installation for the various areas of a vehicle to which Q-Mat can be fitted.
Speak to us today and fit Q-Mat Sound Shield to get the biggest difference in how your car feels and sounds.
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