GPS tracking at an affordable price.
When you are looking for a vehicle GPS tracker at a realistic price - look no further.
The Mongoose VT904 has to be NZ's best value, feature packed GPS tracker available.
You can access your Tracker by Smartphone APP or PC or via SMS. It is reliable, accurate and very easy to use.
3g quad band
Just a glance through it's array of features shows it can do almost everything most users want or need.
4G Quad Band - For use in New Zealand, Australia and worldwide.
If you want to track your own car, a small fleet of trade vans, or even large fleet of trucks and commercial vehicles the 4G VT904 GPS TRACKER will give you the tools you’ll need to know where your vehicles are.
The 4G VT904 GPS Vehicle tracker also gives playback history of where the vehicle was, specific time and date plus driving information such as speed, Ignition status, time parked and other details.
By adding the SP904 Security Pack your installer can link the siren output of your vehicles existing alarm enabling the tracker to send a SMS TEXT alerting you that the alarm was triggered or simply install the supplied SOS button.
Part 2 of the SP904 Security Pack enables you to immobilise your vehicles starter via the mobile app.
The features of the SP904 Security Pack may not be compatible with all vehicles and requires installation by a Professional Qualified Technician.
(Typical installed price - $449.00 +SIM card)

Where is it now  ?
Open the APP and click "Real time". The map shows where your vehicle is located. 

Where was it  ?
History shows the route driven. Select 'play' and the screen shows the route taken.
Select any day - last 6 months history always maintained.
Got more than one vehicle ?
You logon with your own chosen username and password. 
See all your vehicles at the same time.
Select individual vehicles to see more details.

Any other costs ?
Yes, possibly.............................
GPS trackers require a mobile SIM card to be inserted into the tracker, this enables the collected data to be sent to the website so it can be viewed by the user.

The Mongoose Range of Gps trackers usually use around 10Mb's of Data making PRE-PAID the most afforable way to manage these Trackers.
Typical SIM costs on PrePay range from $5.00 to $7.00 per month.

Sometimes the cost can be zero depending on your contracts with your mobile provider.
Otherwise a PrePay can be the least expensive but discuss options with your mobile provider.
Installation costs can vary according to vehicle type and whether the engine immobiliser option is fitted. 
Costs can vary typically between $100 and $150 - please discuss with your chosen Mongoose dealer.


SIM card required with voice, text & data (Vodafone, 2 Degrees or Spark)  

Data only cards are NOT recomended, as this limits or eliminates both Setup and Alerts.

Updates to the mobile APP may change features (added or deleted) without notice.
Mongoose only recommends immobilisation of the engine starter as this is safest method.
The stopping of an engine via the ignition or fuel pump whilst being driven may have dangerous consequences.

The mobile APP is designed for smart mobile phones & tablets. (excludes Windows devices)
At times the APP and website may be offline due to upgrades, maintenance and back-ups. This is for your protection and improvement in product performance and reliability.
Please note:  The free access of the APP and website is provided for Mongoose GPS customers only.
The APP and website are used by many GPS companies worldwide and features and functions may change without notice. Mongoose accepts no responsibility and has no control of how the APP or website operate.
Some features in the APP may not be appicable to this model.
The APP and website are self managed. Mongoose can provide initial support if required.
The VT904 was previously the VT900 & PT890. They are essentially the same except the VT904 is 4G Quad Band (to allow for extra mobile transmission frequencies used in Australia) and uses the Mongoose 4G mobile APP and website.
  • Mongoose 4G Mobile APP - FREE to download and use
  • History recording website - FREE to use - no download required
  • 4G Network Sytem
  • Uses low cost data for location reporting
  • Uses text for warning alerts to your phone and tracker set-up
  • 'Account' logon for multiple tracker users - see all trackers on one screen
  • Live track your vehicle(s) on your smart phone, tablet or PC
  • History playback (continuous 6 months)
  • Print/save travel reports from the website
  • 2~3 hour battery back-up
  • Uses LBS (cell sites) for approximate location when no GPS available (an aid to Search & Rescue)
  • 1 x Master User (full functionality)
  • 2 x SOS phone numbers (receives alerts)
  • Unlimited viewers (you control who can see your tracker and have access)
  • Time adjustable for daylight saving
  •  Engine Starter mortor immobiliser - optional with SP904 (Security Pack) fitment (starter motor only - see cautionary note below)
  • SOS-Siren Alert - optional with SP904 (Security Pack) press button or fitment to your siren of your security system
  • Geo-fence - sets permitted travel area - multiples can be set
  • Manual Arm/Disarm function for alerts
  • ALERTS FOR: Ignition - Shock - Geo-fence in/out - Speed - Move - Low power - Power disconnect - (and car alarm sounding if connected)
  • Small size: 80x38x17mm 
  • 9v~75v DC
  • Easy installation - only 3 wires ( + optional Immobiliser + optional SOS & Alarm Trigger )
If you have an aftermarket Security System in your vehicle with a siren you can connect it to the VT904.  When the VT904 gets notice that the Siren has been triggered a SMS TEXT warning will be sent directly to 1 or 2 Mobile phone numbers that you’ve already set up. The SMS TEXT message will contain the SOS ALERT details, plus a link to your VT904’s exact location.
If installed as a standard button, once the supplied button is PRESSED the SOS-SIREN ALERT is triggered sending an alert directly to 1 or 2 Mobile phone numbers that you’ve already set up.
Via APP or Text message you can Immobilise your vehicles Engine Starter motor. This requires the installation of a Relay to the engines starter. Once you send the command the relay will activation or de-activated immobilising your vehicle.
** The installation should be installed by Professional-Qualified Technician.**
If you would like to upgrade your  3G VT900 with new 4G VT904, both products have the same main power harness plug that allows for simple replacement process.





  • The VT904 carries a 2 year product warranty

Brand Mongoose

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